Collecting relevant data

The user gets notified in case of unexpected events or delays during production flow. Categorization of nonconformities is easy and can be done real quick.

Beside live status-information of the currently running order, the operator can see what order needs to be done next.

Concentrate on essentials

Users logged in with manager privileges can use the full feature-range of CHRONOS. A customizable dashboard provides an excellent overview of current productivity measurements.

Performance, Quality, Availability and OEE values are available on a per-shift and a machine-level basis as well.

Please don't miss the list of feature below ...

Your efficiency in numbers

A collection of useful reports provides all the information a CHRONOS Manager needs to simply detect bottlenecks and hidden potentials. You'll take advantage from an in-depth knowledge of your production timings.

CHRONOS reports don't just help to improve your efficiency, they ensure staying at the new level of productivity.

OEE Monitoring

Scrap Tracking

Shift Scheduling

Feature overview

  • Downtime Detection

    Downtimes, larger than a defined threshold are immediately detected and reported to the machine operator.

  • Easy Downtime-Reason Categorization
  • OEE Monitoring

    Track the current Overall Equipment Efficiency of your production units.

  • Online Reporting
  • Scrap Tracking
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Top or Flop - Ranking
  • Email Notifications
  • Order Management
  • Speed Calculation ADMINISTRATION
  • Downtime-Reason Management ADMINISTRATION
  • User Management ADMINISTRATION
  • Shift Scheduling ADMINISTRATION
  • Responsive Design USAGE
  • Multiplatform USAGE
  • Multi-Machine Monitoring USAGE